Friday, 9 September 2011


The 10 year anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers is featuring large in the media. People can remember where they were, what they were doing when the news broke. It was an incredible and unbelievable act of chilling and catastrophic hatred. This weekend many churches are opening their doors in the cause of peace and reconciliation and healing. It is sad that so often it takes a catastrophe to make us look long and hard at our attitudes. This anniversary will hopefully see great progress along the road of mutual understanding and respect. Many from both faith groups have given serious thought to attitudes of suspicion and negativity which were in place long before 9/11, and  shortly after that atrocity they began to realise that it was time to review previously held racist opinions. Fear and loathing of those who are different from us will never lead to good. The Christian Faith  bids us reach out to them in kindness and respect. At their hearts, those of deepest Islamic faith feel the same, of that I have no doubt. It is sad and strange that despite the fact that Love is Lord in both faith groups, so much savagery and destruction have proceeded from them. When we humans get our hands on the pure spiritual stuff, we sure can cause havoc with our own legalistic additions and interpretations. I suppose we are in constant need of that reminder from the Cross of Christ, that the way to a better pace is laced with pain. The pain of 9/11 hopefully will take us to a place which would have been anathema to the twisted fanatics who flew into the Towers, but of great blessing to millions from both faiths.

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