Friday, 19 September 2014

Welcome to the UK

The phrase just being said as we switched the TV on this morning was "business as usual" before a sports item came on. From that I assumed that independence had been rejected, although I couldn't be 100% sure, as I had been privately saying that it would feel like that even if it had been "Yes". My other worry had been that it would be politics as usual in an independent Scotland, and I didn't like the thought of a mini-Westminster style of politics in Edinburgh as our inheritance. However a quick check on other channels confirmed our suspicions. I must say, a feeling of relief came over me, as the thought of the massive uncertainties facing us if we had gone independent were just a little daunting to my mind. However, I feel that this is the beginning of a new era for us all.

There can be no going back now on the road to greater devolvement of government as a continuing journey. Too many big promises were made in the last days of the vote here, and the growing desire for greater autonomy in other regions is also going to translate into political response soon. And don't forget the West Lothian question. That will now take on a much higher profile on William Hague's new committee's agenda I think. So, all in all, hopefully a win win ultimately for both no and yes. But I do admit to also feeling the tiniest wee bit of disappointment this morning too. We are funny creatures.

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