Tuesday, 8 December 2015

So, the de-Christianising of our society is moving on apace. Christianity seems, according to some reports, already to be a minority religion. Perhaps this will get us the same levels of respect and consideration that are happily meted out to every other faith except Christianity. Already we have CE instead of AD and BCE instead of BC, and Winter Festival is appearing more and more as the pseudonymn for Christmas. What will happen to poor old Santa (Saint Claus)? Will this move signal his demise too, in favour of the Snow Queen or Jack Frost perhaps? Will Christians be allowed to use the word I wonder, in our secular future? I note a report which calls for the ending of the legal requirement to have a daily act of worship in Schools south of the Scottish Border, (We never had such legislation in Scotland because it was never thought to be needed, we were so thoroughly immersed in our presbyterianism up here.) I can understand the thinking behind moving away from an act of worship, which is after all an expression of faith, but I hope schools will still be required to teach and give majority time in RE to Christianity, as the faith which gives our society its context.

Maybe as we move further away from our Christian roots, we who still confess the Christian Faith, will hear less and less the name of Jesus being used as a swear word, or perhaps the powers that be will make it an offence to use it in such a way, to protect the rights and sensitivities of a religious minority. Perhaps someone should bring a case of religious discrimination against the use of the name Jesus as a swear word, as it is grossly offensive to Christians. And maybe too, the government will stop making us be the custodians of the country's religious architectural heritage.If you disown it, be prepared to lose it. Instead of Kirks up and down the land having to pay costly fees to keep their ancient buildings up to scratch, we'll be able to say to the government - if you want to keep it, pay for it. You know, I can see a stack of gains coming our way, brothers and sisters.

May all your Winter Festivals be merry and bright.
O, and merry Christmas too.

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