Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Trump's latest farrago is a Farage.

Ha ha ha. Trump has begun the trail of international embarrassments with hinting about appointments Theresa May should make. Distance between his mouth/tweet fingers, and brain does not exist. If it weren't potentially so serious, it would be hilarious. One wonders what headlines we will be waking up to during the next four years. Although I can almost imagine May doing something ridiculous like that, like appointing Boris as Foreign Secretary....uh oh. Oh well, why not have someone equally farageous doing the UK Ambassador to the States' job too then? Maybe some of Trump's team could get jobs in May's cabinet, and hers could sit among Trump's people

But honestly, can you even remember the last time you felt apprehensive about switching on the news? It's going to be part of our daily adrenalin rush for years to come now. It's years since I've felt so apprehensive about what the next headline will be. Trump is so good with timing too. He'll upstage the Wimbledon final - just wait. Queen's speech on Christmas Day? - no wait, we're going over to a special announcement from the White House, where we have just heard that President Trump has declared himself Emperor of the Western hemisphere.

There was quite a good article in the Guardian on Saturday, complaining that the yobbish right no longer play by any rules of common decency, and because the more left and centrist parties do, they are being massacred. Lies and superficial solutions impossible to carry out are winning the day. This may be true, but if the others refuse to play by the new rules (no rules), I believe this will be a very short term love affair with the Trumpsters of the world. There may even be a backlash to the polar opposite kind of politics, which would be Jeremy Corbyn's kind. If the unelectable right can win, so I believe can the unelectable left. Once the swinging starts, it takes a while to settle.

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