Wednesday, 19 July 2017

It is a mad mad world at times

The BBC has just revealed its wages bill for those lucky enough to be live in the canopy of its jungle. Chris Evans who crashed out (nice pun) of Top Gear because he couldn't hack it, on £2 mill.? He is not worth it. Nor are people like John Humphries on 600 grand. The chiefs say it's a competitive market and they have to pay top dollar for talent. Come on. That's what they said about the bankers, remember! These people need to be on  a moderate salary scale that reflects their real and none too exalted abilities. As far as the ladies getting on to an equal footing is concerned - bring it on.

And then there's the retirement age increase row. It will be necessary and anyway, we are living longer. But there should be a caveat. Certain professions and jobs are not kind on the life expectancy of their workers and they should be factored into all this, and their practitioners allowed to retire earlier, not forced to retire later, e.g.teachers. And all the Labout Party can do is growl negatively. Just when I was beginning to like them.

But speaking of the Labout lot, it was when Jeremy Corbyn started hooting at Theresa May's offer of a bit more collaboration that really got me. Here was the one who wanted to change the style of politics and political exchange, playing exactly the same silly game the moment he looked stronger.

Give me strength. 

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