Friday, 6 October 2017

Theresa may cough

My goodness - what a storm in a tea cup. She has a number of things go wrong as she makes her speech, and the journalistic pack descend howling upon her as though these are all signs that she needs to go. Whatever you or I may think of her, this is not a good reason to bay for her blood. I hope it all works out well for her as one Tory is as bad as another in my little and limited view of things. Ok, she isn't quite the master of the quick quip, (although she did quite well if only the reporters had not sought to portray such a distorted image). What the media fails to see is that as a nation, we quite like the underdog and if they continue to portray her as they have been doing, she may well get a good deal more public sympathy than she actually deserves. The mistakes are many and deep: Boris unleashed like a disobedient dog, (she should promote Gove back into the cabinet and have him walk behind Boris with a big metaphorical knife...) Brexit jammed and Mrs May telling the Europeans that they have to be creative and flexible. It seems to me that that is like telling a chess player who can mate you in a couple of moves, that they will have to negotiate with you for a draw. Then there's a lack of transparency about what limited funds can achieve and how if you are trying to reduce the national debt, there are some things you can't spend a lot of money on. She needs to make much more public the national balance sheet, along with what it is they will spend money on and how they will save money in other spheres. The public need to be told what can't be achieved in Public Health and Education and Social Services, along with what can. But having said all that, the Tory reign is inevitably slipping, as does the reign of all political parties. The danger is that Labour, with its huge and expensive wish list to be paid for by borrowing, will drag us to the verge of bankruptcy or over the edge of it even. I approve of socialist ideals, but I see also that they can't be arrived at without some more cost to us all, and all the politicians are afraid of raising taxes. In a country as free of bribery and corruption amongst politicians as ours, surely we can risk that?? The socialist agenda won't really work unless we are all prepared to pay a bit more for it. Meanwhile, surely, Theresa may cough.

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