Thursday, 5 November 2009


Room now back together but still missing furniture. Last night Lorraine and I reluctantly set about washing (scrubbbing) the plaster dust begrimed floor. It will need another wash yet. The skirting boards went back on today as did the window sills and facings. So instead of writing this I could be cleaning! O joy!

Now that that other dust raising event - Nick Griffiths on Question Time, has settled, I feel the need to do a little metaphorical cleaning. I found his presence on QT made me angry. But not with him or the BNP whose policies I despise anyway. No, I was angered by the decision to bring him on the programme in the first place. I thought question time was a programme where interesting and topical questions were asked and answered by interesting, clever, well informed people. Fat chance! Here was a show trial with the questions almost entirely being slanted in such a way as to enable the audience and the rest of the panel to have a go at Griffiths. This is not what QT is for! Moreover by victimising him it probably created as much sympathy for him as alienation. An interesting article in Scotland on Sunday which focussed on the beginning of the BNP campaign in the Glasgow by election, gave us the mood of some of the locals, which was decidedly and scarily on BNP message. Hard times whilst bringing out the best in some, can alas also bring out our scapegoating finest.

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