Friday, 6 November 2009

Jerry Springer on Roy Plumley's turf.

Jerry Springer was the guest on Kirsty Young's Desert Island Discs this morning! What with that and Question Time and Nick Griffiths, it looks as though the BBC might be going to make a habit of giving us bizarre combinations of people and programmes. Suggestions welcome! Jeremy Paxman presenting Blue Peter! Admittedly he does have an interesting story to tell, having started off as a civil rights campaigner working for Bobby Kennedy. He was born in Germany of Jewish parents and the family only just succeeded in getting out of Germany in '39. They were among the very last Jews to get exit visas. They came to England but after the war went to America. His rationale for his show is that he felt that it wasn't just the rich and glitzy who had disfunctional tawdry stories to tell and it was a shame that the poor were being missed out. Well how about that then? I missed the end of the programme so I'll try and get the tantalising bit about his favourite disc, luxury item and the one book he would take on iplayer.

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