Monday, 21 December 2009


6.15am alarm goes off. Snooze on! keep the dark winter morning at bay. Ah but we have to check in at the pre-admission ward at 8am and we don't want to be late.....particularly as L is first on the list (although we don't know that yet...), so, it's get up folks! L is fasting so breakfast is out for her and I can get mine on return. A quick shower then and out. The temperature is above freezing so the car isn't frosted up. L's mum opens her bedroom curtain and waves us a goodbye. We join the Monday morning traffic on Costorphine Road, pull in to buy a paper of quality and post a letter, and then head for St John's Hospital, Livingston.
The hospital car park is helpfully empty when we get there and we find the ward without undue difficulty. This is the first day this newly refurbished ward has been open. You can smell the paint. You can see the confusion in the staff. Where the bloody hell is everything...? Not reassuring. However they probably will be able to rustle up a cut throat razor from somewhere.....
I settle in for the duration at L's bed, only to be told she is first up. Wow! The docs come and get her to sign the procedure off and then the nurses kick me out. I drive the lonely journey back and make my porridge. Stephanie (L's mum) is glad to see me and squeezes me for info. We spend the day doing shopping chores and worrying about L. I can't get through to the ward so I reckon I'll have to wait til visiting tonight at 7. Steph and I go for coffee and do a supermarket shop. I need to get that turkey which I will be cooking.... I haul out recipe books for ideas. Sure, cooking a turkey has never been easier, has it? The day drifts by. I make Steph and me steak and chips - comfort food I know. Never have I gobbled such good food so fast but I have worked out that to be there by 7 I now need to move smartly. I see her from outside the 6 bedded room through the window before she sees me. Such relief to see her sleeping and looking ok. My heart skips a beat. I've taken in grapes (so original I know but I also brought a cadbury's flake and today's post so there!). We enjoy opening the Christmas cards together. The hour races by but I've checked with the nurses and can come after breakfast tomorrow. G'nite my love.

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Aw, get well soon L!